About Us

Mini Geek Boutique is a company that promotes and encourages peoples' inner geek, it openly challenges the stereotypes of "geeks" with fun and creative products that are fun for both kids and adults focussing on cultures and themes that make you and your friends and family laugh and smile.

Mini Geek Boutique strives to promote the female aspect of geekiness, promoting feminism and is a platform for bringing a spotlight to those women who have had an impact on science, film, technology, creativity, engineering and maths. The products that MGB sell reflect that, and always with a twist.

MGB believes in equality and will try not to pigeon hole genders, sexuality, or choices.

As well as making and selling geek inspired products, Mini Geek Boutique is a resource for geek parents to find out local activities and discussion via the Facebook page and to encourage younger geeks that they should be proud of their passions and hobbies.

Being a Geek is awesome, and since 2013 head nerd Tracy loves designing and making the products as unique as the person who buys them!

Mini Geek Boutique believes you can be your own hero. Let MGB help you wear your passions with pride.


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